Our Past/Current Projects

Giving you a glimpse of our #happenings ! 


Ditch your plastic toothbrush series @ Segar Residents' Committees (RC)

Gracing our booth is Mr Edward Chia @edward.chiasg (Member of Parliament for Holland–Bukit Timah GRC for Zhenghua)

Date of event: 1 Nov 2020


How can we live more sustainably each day? Featuring Anderson Secondary School Green Club

A great sharing session and intimate discussion with the green club students of Anderson Secondary Green Club on how Zero Yero started and small little tips to live sustainably each day.

Date of event : 19 Oct 2020


Play @ JCube Wall Mural

What do you think of the current global challenge of climate change? Check out the artwork expression of our NYP students @ JCube!

Project Period : 1 - 24 March 2020
Project showcase: On-going