Designed to deliver sustainable essentials straight to your door., our Zero Yero Eco Care Kit is suitable for all ages, and a great gift for birthdays, anniversaries, surprises and even as a corporate gift for your staff and clients!                                           


Swapping your everyday toiletries for eco-friendly alternatives is a great way to reduce your plastic waste. What better and easier way to do so, than with a starter kit full of everything you need. Zero Yero has a range of different zero waste gift boxes to suit your needs, including the starter box with 4 basic eco-friendly essentials to get you started! 


What it contains:

1) Tea-riffic (Tea Leaves Filter Bag)

2) 100% Fine Cotton Dry Produce Bag

3) Reusable Facial Rounds - 100% Cotton and Premium Flannel (Set of 5)

4) Handmade Bamboo Toothbrush (Charcoal Bristles)

 Note: Items within the care kit is  customizable according to request

You Are Amazing Gift | Eco Care Kit