Available in 7.5ml, 10ml, 50ml

Product Description
Lavandin Is a hybrid plant that cultivated and developed since 1900 in Provence, France, by crossing true lavender (L. angustifolia) with spike lavender or aspic (L. latifolia) and larger than lavender with a woody stem and blue or gray flowers. It is grown extensively in France and often preferred by the perfume industry for its oil and the flowers for sachets, potpourri, and craftwork.There are many benefits of Lavandin Provence for our daily life such as calming aid, promote sleep, spa treatment, and muscle relaxation massage. The 100% essential oil of Lavandin Provence is safe not only for adult use but also for children's use.Lavandin Provence provides a simple design with 50ml and 7.5ml each bottle. It is suited for a gift at any special moments and a match for us who simply love something elegant yet simpler.

Our Manufacture
Our manufacture is located in Provence, South of France.

Our team of experts are dedicated and focused in producing Lavandin Provence to meet the international quality of lavandin essential oil.

Facts & Usage

  1. Spa Massage

Some people wants to take things to the next level. In term of spa-like treatment you can do that by combining one cup of Epsom Salt and 4 drops of Lavandin Oil.

2.Muscle Relaxation Massage

Lavandin Oil helps with stress, but also with muscle spasms. If your muscles are aching, you can always treat yourself with a massage.

3.Calming Aid

There are different way to use Lavandin oil for calming. For calming your brain and emotions, rub few drops of Lavandin Oil in your cupped palms and then move them close to your face.

4.Promote Sleep

If you are having trouble sleeping at night, you can try the same cupping and inhaling method. You can even rub some Lavandin Oil on your pillow to help you sleep.


One of the common Lavandin Oil uses is to alleviate symptoms of nausea. For this remedy, just place a drop of Lavandin Oil on the end of the tongue, behind your ears or around the navel.

6. Bee Sting & Insect bites

Well, to stop the magic cycle, put a drop of Laandin Oil on the bite. It will stop the itching and reduce swelling almost instantly.

7.Minor Burn

If you burn your hand with hot tea or something, just put a few drops of the oil on the burn. It will reduce pain, and there will be no redness, swelling or any other sign of a burn. It is like magic.
8.Nose Bleed
If you need to stop a nose bleed, Lavandin Oil on a tissue. Wrap it around a small chip of ice, and then push it under the middle of the top lip to the base of the nose.
9.Reduce Acne
Lavandin Oil is great for treating skin problems because it contains minerals, vitamins, and some antioxidants. For this treatment, however, it is best that you dilute the oil in water or another carrier oil.
10.Slow Aging
Lavandin Oil is rich in antioxidants. And we all know that antioxidants can slow down the process of aging. Antioxidants also reduce the appearance of symptoms of aging.
11.Cough & Breathing Problem
Did you know? Lavandin essential oil may help remove mucus deposits in your lungs and relieve breathing problems. It may also assist in removing scars and stretch marks, enhance blood circulation and promote cell regeneration.

L'Essentiel (Lavandin Provence)