Multi Purpose Fizzies / Spinners (Pack of 6)


A natural and effective way to clean and deodorise toilets, effective and environmentally friendly from the usual liquid detergents found in markets. Main ingredients consist of baking soda and white vinegar - two well-known household products for cleaning, deodorising and disinfecting. Once in water, the Fizzies swirls around the water body, providing easy cleaning and fresh scent. Individually handmade in Singapore.


Key Features

  • Hand-Made with 100% natural eco-friendly ingredients - primarily baking soda and white vinegar.


  • Locally made - Handmade in Singapore.


  • Fresh Scent - with up to 6 different scents using 100% essential oil to freshen up your space.


  • Easy Cleaning - removes tough stains and suds.


  • Multi Purpose - usable for sinks, floors, stove and as a replacement for washing powder for clothes.


Product Usage


For Toilets and Sinks

  • Toss 1 weekly or as required. Apply water and leave it to fizzles.
  • Scrub if required.
  • Flush or rinse away 30 mins or leave it overnight.


For Clothes

  • Toss 1 into washing machine, functions the same as any laundry detergent.


Multi-Purpose Fizzy Spinners (Pack of 6)

    • Keep product in an air-tight container.
    • Keep away from water to prevent product from fizzing.