Dry produce bag made of 100% fine cotton , reusable for your grocery shopping option! 

Weight: 70g
Size: 40cm(L) x 50cm (H)

How to use:

  • Simply throw in your dry produce (Fruits, cereal, bottles, rice, packet noodles, baking purchases) 
  • Not recommended for wet produce (Raw meat, frozen food) 


Caring for produce bag

If your bag becomes soiled, simply wipe over with a soapy cloth and rinse under cool water. Do not use hot water or strong cleaning solutions, and do not put into the washing machine. Simply hang it dry overnight and you can use it again the next day! 

End of Life Treatment:
Reuse , Repurpose 

100% Fine Cotton Dry Produce Bag

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$6.90Sale Price
Colour Option: Cream