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World Environment Day - 5th June

Today is World Environment Day. First held in 1974, this is a flagship campaign held by United Nations that highlights and raise awareness on emerging / existing issues such as marine pollution, humanoverpopulation, global warming to, sustainable consumption. The list goes on really.

Last year, the theme was to "Beat Air Pollution", and it was hosted by China. This was a glaring issue as it kills 7 million people annually. That's more than the entire population of Singapore as of 2019.

This year, Covid-19 held the world by its neck - from mass umemployment, panic buying, and fear. At the same time, air pollution decreased in major cities . We noticed the flow in this, but in line with this, the global economy is going to change in such a way that there will be major shifts in consumer behaviour.

From supporting local businesses such as BYOB (bring your own bowl), to cooking home cooked meals, every Singaporean is taking measures in making sure they can sustain and tide through these turbulent times, and we are witnessing more sustainable forms of purchasing behaviours too. Maybe perhaps in the long run, we can all adopt new measures in being more #ecoconscious.

What about you? What sustainable ways have you adopted? Leave your comments in the section below.

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