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Tiktok Eco Friendly Tips - Part 2

Here's another compilation of Tiktok videos we've discovered while we were exploring the app. We've got to say, Tiktok is here to stay (did that rhyme or what!?)

  1. Gardening Pro Tips - by GGtheGardenGirl

Reusing toilet rolls, yogurt containers and even barbeque trays is one of the ways to upcycle, especially if you have green fingers.

2. Eco friendly Oat Milk - by spacewolfgrace

if you're into the fitspo life and love oat milk as a start to your day, here's one quick tip soluition by spacewolfgrace.

All you need

1) Oat

2) 4 cups water

3) Honey

4) Nutmeg or cinnamon

Simple concoction that doesn't break the bank, nor require the trip to your local mart to get your dose of oatmeal (plus packaging is bad!)

3) How to shop conciously by - eco.amical

When you're grovcery shopping, listen to what Christine Lan has to say about the stuff that you purchase. Grab glass bottles instead of plastic containers. Opt for paper packaging instead of plastics, a little goes a long way!

4) Toothpaste hacks by - eco.amical

Next time you think you're done with your toothpaste, cut it in half and see that there's actually more inside! Simple #ecohacks you can do straight from home.

Would you like more content like this? Comment down below!

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