Summer's out, the weather is hot + combination of high humidity levels from the rain. Plus with the recent sales coming up (looking at you 7.7), we are back to the impulse purchases of all the $0.10 deals (looking at you too Shopee), which might involve plastic.

Remember, the idea behind plastic free July doesn't necessarily mean you can't purchase plastic per se, but repurposing your current plastic things at home is also another way to look at it.

Recently, we have been donning the title of plant parent, and we got to say, we might be opening an orphanage based on this rate that we are purchasing plants. We've joined Facebook Group, Home Gardening Singapore and its a great community group where they share all the great tips of urban gardening in Singapore. What also caught our eyes is how creative these users are using plastic bottles, pails etc to make gardening an interactive, cost free and eco friendly experience!

Here are some tips

Tip # 1 - Use water pails to collect rainwater

Source - Home Gardening Singapore

Got to say, when it comes to kiasu-ness, nothing tops Singaporeans. Think gardening is going to top your water bills every month? Following this Singaporean as she readily prepares all the plastic pails that she could find to collect rainwater this rainy season. We did this during a rainy day, and the pail filled almost half after sitting out for half an hour.

Tip # 2 - Use plastic bottles to propagate

Source - Home Gardening Singapore

If you're a Coke Zero addict like me, you're probably left with a plastic bottle once you're done drinking. Cut the bottle into half and propagate your favourite plant or vegetables. Repot your babies into the pot when its ready.

#Tip 4 - Use dabao containers as wick containers

All that dabao containers you get from coffeeshops + bubble tea cups that you've accumulated throughout the months can actually be used as wick containers. If you're looking for something that's fuss free!


Bury 1 end of the wick into the soil, then place the other end of the wick into the bottom of the container. As long as there's water in the reservoir, the wick will water your plants.

Take note that the contain should fit snugly, if not it might be a potential breeding spot for mosquitoes!

Have you started your plastic free journey? Check out our blog articles for more tips to go plastic free this July (and forever!)

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