"Huat" to do to go Green this CNY - 2021

Here comes the festive season to celebrate the Lunar New Year, and although measures are again taken place, I think that is not going to stop us from celebrating!

Red may be the lucky colour, but we definitely want it to be green this year. Here are 4 tips that we would like to share!


Red Packets

Everyone sure likes the whole idea of receiving red packets and count the dollar bills inside - but to be more eco-conscious, ask your relatives to tuck in the flaps of the envelopes rather than to seal them shut, that way they are able to use it for the next subsequent years. Also, purchasing Red packets without this year's Zodiac is also another fool proof way of reusing, if not you're going to use that in another 12 years time.

If your parents or relative are tech savvy, the best way to pass ang baos are through banking / payment apps such as DBS PayLah! or OCBC's Payanyone - kinda "bo xim" as some people may like to put it, but which would you prefer? Indulging in festivities while contributing to more waste? Your call.


Another theme in heralding the Lunar New Year is the cleaning portion. For many people, the old saying goes - to sweep out the old and welcome in the new. While it's good to clear the clutter and improve the general feng shui of your house, it's also good to donate used clothes you no longer need and give it away to the needy.

What follows after this is a big shopping spree, which is our perspective - kinda counter intuitive as it becomes a rinse repeat cycle every year - or a perfect excuse to buy new clothes. Symbolically speaking, it helps to welcome new things in the year to come - make informed choices and pick something that you're able to use it for the long term, not 12 months.



In line with the red packets, try to look out for generic CNY designs instead of the Zodiac based ones, if not you're going to find yourself using it 12 years later - and probably tempted by that year's new designs.

While there's the tradition that putting up decorations and flowers to signify growth of wealth. I think sticking to 50/ 30/ 20 rule to grow your wealth and constantly upgrading your skills make a whole lot more sense.


While Chinese focuses on the aspect of putting plenty of food on the table to signify abundance and surplus (general description here), why not try to portion your food this year? Based on experience, the amount of food that goes into making versus the consumption seems to differ, with food waste as a common problem. While we find it hard to break traditions, since our parents are of a different generation - sit them down and introduce them to the idea of better portioning, a little goes a long way!

CNY is also the period where we purchase our favourite pineapple tarts and other snacks, instead of purchasing them in the usual plastic containers, why not bring the empty glass jars and containers lurking around your kitchen? We've tried this arrangement with a bakery and they seem to like that idea. Just a slight note - inform them a week in advance so that they can make the necessary arrangements!

Here are 4 tips on going eco this CNY, think you have more that you like to share? Comment on the post below and discuss!

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