How to spruce up your Christmas Decorations - the green way.

Christmas is approaching, it's time to decorate the house and have Mariah Carey's All I Want For Christmas and Santa Baby on loop to soak in the festive spirits. Check out what we wrote for our previous Christmas post!

While the festive season is coming, we will possibly be contemplating on the idea of purchasing new things such as gift wraps, Christmas trees since Christmas sales are starting very soon. Instead of doing that, we have a few tips for you to Mac-Guyver with whatever you may find at home.

Gift Wrappers

The number one culprit in terms of wastage - because we just tear them out and then discard it don't we? *Guilt* You don't actually need to purchase rolls of wrapping paper - instead repurpose everything from old calendars, natural kraft paper - which can be easily recycled and reused.

Source - Melissa Selmin


Wrapping Paper - Use natural, uncoated, non-glittery paper such as brown kraft paper - always opt for matte, not shiny finishes!

Fabric - If you're using fabric, strings to wrap up your gift - try natural options such as linen and cotton, which is hardy and reuseable for subsequent future gifts. Snip those leftover napkins that you no longer use and repurpose them. Wrapping paper? Those are perfect as well!

Embellishments - Like the image above, we think the #aestheticgame really went up! Melissa Selmin used dried slice oranges which adds a nice pop colour to your gifts.

Christmas Wreath

Christmas wreathes are like the appetizer - when your guest walks through the door, that's the first thing they see! Eye catching and the perfect signal to the start of Christmas. If you're a wine-holic, now's the perfect chance. If you don't have enough corks, ask around and collect it! Check out the source link below for the instructions.

Source : MyTurnforus

If winecork isn't your kind of thing, look around the flowers you've received or purchase it from any florist. We love this lavender wreath - the colours are amazing, and plus who doesn't like a scents when you walk in!

Source : Garden Therapy


  • Grapevine wreath form

  • Scissors or harvesting snips

  • Twine or wire

  • Fresh or dried lavender

For instructions check it out here.

Zeroyero wishes everyone a blessed eco Christmas. For all ecostuff check out here.

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