How to create a sustainable Christmas Gift this 2020

Christmas may be the most wonderful time of the year, but apparently, it is also one of the most wasteful – generating so much of waste materials (packaging in plastic – think bigger), and it ends up on the landfill after disposing. With the season of giving full of tradition and celebrations, there is no surprise that it generates a monumental amount of waste. Besides, I don’t really use the gifts that my friends purchase for me every year, and it just ends up collecting dust at the corner of my room, because budget and Secret Santa (yes I’m looking at you friend).

And you’re probably thinking to yourself – where and what should I get for my friend or family this special day?

We aren’t saying that it’s a cardinal sin to purchase gifts, besides that’s what friends are for right? We think there’s a workaround on this.

Shop local

By shopping local, you are also helping small businesses that are affected and impacted by COVID-19. Do your part and support local businesses during this season of giving.

Get Creative with wrapping

Wrappings are usually the ones that will be instantaneously disposed when you’re unwrapping the gifts, so why not get creative? We love the idea of using unused clothes that you may find lying around your house (haha, hoarder). Repurpose and wrap it and tell your friends to reuse and give it to someone else when the time comes! Season of giving right?!

Check out Straits Times article on using clothes as wrapping.

Know a coffee addict? Get a reusable flask

For a coffee addict such as myself, I feel that guilt whenever I purchase a cup of coffee to dabao back to office because single use plastics are a really terrible idea. Way to solve this problem? Check out our B.A.M Bamboo Flask! It keeps the drink warm on the inside, and the exterior is made with bamboo, perfect if you’re a fan of warm colours. Plus, it comes with a tea filter.

Love fashion? Maybe consider H&M’s Conscious Collection

We are always constantly looking for a fashion refresh during this time, considering you might be out on your date with your other half and feel the need to impress, or your friend.

Check out H&M Conscious Collection – to qualify for a green hangtag, a product must contain at least 50% sustainable materials, like organic cotton and recycled polyester. Just another way to be eco-savvy this Christmas.

Reduce your food wastage

Source : Wikipedia

We get it, we associate festive seasons with the idea that everything should be grand and generous. Cut down that generosity and think for the environment for abit. Did you know that food wastage in Singapore averages about 1.5kg in a day? We think that festivities are probably going to double that amount.

If you feel that your group of friends are not the kind that gobbles down their food, bring the food portion down a notch, and still enjoy the festivities, with wine of course. Key here is less is more.

Here you go! Some simple, non-complex tips when the season of gifting approaches!

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