How to be sustainable during this period

Its an unprecedented period for us at this point of time and the element of uncertainty is definitely there. Many have lost their jobs; some have taken pay cuts just to make sure they bring home the dough. Nevertheless, this is still an opportune time to rewire; and reconfigure how you want to live your life, because basically everything in life involves money. The best way to make sure your living well under your budget? Save!

Check your lifestyle

Are you spending too much on things that could essentially be saved during times like this? Now it’s a good time to do a #realitycheck. Why? Perhaps you’re getting a paycut, saving up for something that you’ve always wanted to do. Now’s the right time. Case in point? I used to purchase 1-2 cups of Starbucks everyday for a period, that’s about 12 bucks in a day. Multiply that by 30 days nets you a solid $360. You could do a lot, like paying your bills, conservancy charges, or paying off your insurance. I swapped those Starbucks for an alternative, and that saved me about $240 ($2 a cup). The list goes on, but you get my drift. Making lifestyle changes does not necessary mean you need to cut it off completely, it’s about finding alternatives.

Grow your own vegetables

With the recent introduction of grow your own vegetables by the government, this is a good way to actually grow your own vegetables. You get your fiber and vitamins straight out of your own garden! Our top picks – garlic, onions, kangkong and spring onions are our top favourites (since we are Asians and we can’t live without it).

Food waste is a huge no-no

There is a need to adjust your lifestyle when it comes to food wastage – we get it, having a load of food on the table is a really nice flex and a reminder that you’re living life, but consider the detrimental effects that is involved from source to your table. For 2 people? Talk to your partner, ask them what will fill their stomach and adjust your inventory so that each food that is put onto the table is fully utilized and none of it goes to waste. A little goes a long way!

Repurpose your wardrobe

Are you the kind that likes to shop whenever there are sales? Maybe take a step back and investigate your wardrobe. There’s probably a gazillion clothes that you have probably worn it once, and just left it there until another “special occasion” (which usually doesn’t happen ever) comes by. Repurpose those and sell it back via Carousell or the Facebook Marketplace, chances are, fashionistas such as yourself are probably lurking in the digital space in hunt for some fashion loots. Besides, that’s one less clothing produce in the name of sustainability, and you get some rebate back for the clothes you’ve decided that it’s not going to be in your “common” wardrobe.

Keep a journal

For the gym rats out there like myself, I like to keep a journal to check my progress on a weekly basis, and it works! Plus you get motivation to do the next time when you’re on it. With the same logic, apply that philosophy into recycling. How much coffee cups have you saved? How much plastic bags did you request from the shop while you’re on your way for groceries hunting? How much clothes have you bought this year? Small steps partner.

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