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Eco Friendly Tips this 2021

Singapore's transitioning towards charging you when you request plastic bags, this is a good time to start the habit of doing takeout and packing groceries with reusable bags! Helps to reduce plastic consumption and a few cents for this Christmas.

If you're hosting over at your place for Christmas, use your existing cutleries, crockeries, and cups! While it seems like a simple solution to opt for disposable ones, these single-use plastics usually end up in landfills.

(protip - get your friends to help you out with cleaning afterward, besides it's basic courtesy to help a friend out if they're hosting!)

Avoiding sending Christmas cards is another solution to reducing waste. It's expensive, and often ends up in the dump after a while (truth hurts yes we know). Consider sending an e-card via Canva, or give them a call to wish them Merry Christmas! If you're still old fashion, we still have another idea up our sleeves.

You could actually recycle used envelopes and make your own recycled paper by Justina.artstudio

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!

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