Eco-friendly Events you can check out this October 2020

Finally it's October, and we are sure the travel bug in you is wearing off at this point of time. However, we have narrowed down 3 eco-activities you could do with your friends or your other half this October to appreciate conservation and climate change.

Did we say that some of these are free too? Perfect to save your money!


This is part of a global initiative by Alliance to End Plastic Waste aimed at highlighting the impact of individual contribution in removing litter. The event – ALL_TOGETHER SINGAPORE CLEANUP- focusing on Singapore will begin on the World Cleanup Day 2020 with Litterati as its technology partner and will run for two weeks from its date of commencement.

The Litterati app allows for pickup efforts to be monitored with concrete data using  artificial intelligence technology to identify the litter from the environment captured in geo-tagged photos. Download the app on App Store or on Google. The good thing, you can do this anywhere, anytime! Plus they have really great articles on informing the general on what you can do, statistics and figures.


Date: Saturday, 19 September 2020 onwards

Location: Various Locations

Link: Here


We think this is a perfect place to bring your other half, if you're into thought provoking conversations regarding the plastic pollution.

In this attraction, you are able to learn more about the global plastic poluution through 70+ powerful photographds and videos by National Geographic.

This exhibition endeavours to raise awareness on our dependence on plastic through visuals - highlighting the people and communities involved - working solutions to avert this crisis.


Date: 12 Sep 2020 – 28 Mar 2021

Location: Art Science Museum

Price : $16 per entry

Link: Here

With a focus on sustainable future, CIMB, WWF, Impacto and Think City has come together with individuals, experts on responsible actions to protect the environment while we still can.

Here's the excerpt -

The Cooler Earth Sustainability Summit 2020 comprises a series of free webinars, discussion forums, masterclasses and in-person events by leading sustainability thought-leaders from around the world. Held over eight weeks, TCE 2020 hopes to mobilise all stakeholders to change the paradigm of business and finance, and to take individual responsibility to build a sustainable future.

All the in-person events are packed at the moment, but you can still try your luck by joining the queue. Besides that, there are many seminars by speakers you can attend at the comforts of your home. Consider that a win!


Date: 12 Sep 2020 – 28 Mar 2021

Location: Art Science Museum

Price : Varies, online sessions FREE

Register Here

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