Earth Day 2021 - Top 3 tips for a Greener SG

Earth Day is here, and once again we have collated a few tips that is really easy peasy. There's no need to purchase anything from a D.I.Y store just to be eco-conscious. Just a few steps. Promise.

Pull the Plug

Ever heard of household appliances that are considered "vampiric"? According to an article on Asiaone - these devices are on standby mode all day, and leech energy even when it's not utilised.

This could include your washing machine, microwaves, oven, Smart TV (not so smart after all eh?) and 1 of the most convenient but often missed out - extension plugs.

According to SG Group, standby power accounts for a total of 10% of household energy usage. With the current EMA rate, that's over $150 million worth or 2876kWh equilvalent- vampire power that is needlessly draining. That amount could potentially power a television on for 7,000 hours straight or you could enjoy your air-con for over 5,000 hours no break in between.

Take those few extra seconds to turn off all switches off to reduce your electricity usage. Saves the consumptions and it saves your wallet. Not sure whether you're appliance is vampiric

Rice Water

While you're cooking rice, it's standard practice to rinse it to get rid of the white starch that comes with it. If you dispose it however, you're really wasting a whole load of benefits that rice water comes with.

Apart from just being a stable of Asian food, rice can be used in many ways - in particular rice water. Rice water can be used as a facial cleanser, degrease pans, works as a hair cleanser and conditioner, and used as nutrients when you water your plants. In fact, I took a Grab ride home with a plant enthusiast - he told me that you could actually keep rice water in the fridge for 3 days for it to ferment, and the plant loves it because it's enzyme rich!

Opt for e-bills

You're probably used to opening and recieving letters from the ye ole faithful letterbox. Did you know that apart from letters, sorting, delivering the letters to your doorsteps requires quite an extensive amount of carbon footprint? Why not try to swap for an e-letter instead? Especially your electricity, insurance, town council bills that comes on a monthly basis. Many Singaporean agencies are doing their part to go green - be sure to check out on their website to see if they offer e-bills instead!

A little goes a long way. We won't stop you if you have pen pals or the occasional letters. Just the routine ones.

Think we've missed out any tips that you can actually do at home? Leave it down in the comments section below!

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