6 Tips to Help You Go Plastic Free This July

Time for some mental prep if you're going to go plastic free this July! Disclaimer - it's actually quite simple! Here's some quick tips for you to kick that plastic habit for good!

The Big Problem - Life in plastic, it's not that fantastic

We live in a plastic world literally, when everything is designed as a single use product. That's plastic bags from your go-to-supermarket, takeaways from kopitiams, and the kopi-o cups that a caffeine addict such as myself rely to keep myself awake everytime. Previously, we covered some grounds on toothbrush - a necessity that sadly, is influncing marine life negatively. Also, since we are in Singapore, we are running out of space to dispose waste - and plastic is involved. Trying to go plastic free isn't easy, but we gotta start somewhere. Hence, here's 6 quick tips on how you can kickstart yours!

6 Tips To Go Plastic Free This July

1. Ditch the Plastic Bag when you go shop!

Whether you're heading to NTUC, or shopping at Uniqlo, learn how to say no to plastic bag! Bring your own - it can be haversack, tote bag, whichever!

2. DIY your own beauty routine!

Almost every beauty product that we purchase comes in plastic packaging, to keep those things inside "fresh". What if we told you that beauty actually doesn't come at a steep cost? Check our two of our DIY recipes on IG - Rice Water and Skin Scrub we tried on ourselves. TL;DR - it works like magic.

3. Food Wraps

Ditch the cling wraps and get a beewaxs wrap. These stylish wraps comes in three different sizes (S, M, L). Reusable food wraps may be utilised just like a cling wrap, plastic wrap, snap lock bags, and plastic bags. These darlings are not only perfect for storing food in the fridge or on the go, they seal your food with freshness!

4. Reusable Cups

Covering the topic of a caffeine addict, swinging by Kopitiams is quite - the addiction. 7-11 has come up with a variety of reusable tumblers in Singapore, repurposing plastic in an innovative way!

5. Don't Brush This.

Toothbrush is a necessity - keeps your teeth healthy, clean and away from the dentist. However, the amount of plastic used is pretty alarming, when you're considering the fact that everyone needs one! Invest in a bamboo toothbrush - these babies are compostable and biodegradable.

6. Comes With Practice

Like habits, it comes with practice. Even if you've just started on this #ecowarrior journey, that's already progress! Adopting any of this tips is a fantastic step towards a #zerowaste journey, and adapting your mindset towards plastics

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