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Zero Yero (“Yeros literally means Heros” in a very Singlish pronunciation)  serves as a social enterprise that aims to empower individual consumer on kick-starting their eco-sustainability journey.


We aim to dissolve the boundaries of eco-anxiety, a lifestyle “block” that prevents the proper transition to sustainable lifestyle changes. We believe that a sustainable lifestyle should be affordable, not the other way round.


Also, an eco-centric lifestyle should centre around everyday items, because we believe that by taking small steps, we make measurable difference and that makes more sense!


The team consists of 3 people from different walks of life and experiences - but with one common goal -  To make #zerowaste a foreseeable reality. Our goal is to provide sustainable eco-solutions to general consumers from all spectrum. Understanding that eco-anxiety is  a real problem - Zero Yero aims to provide affordability as it's core value, to bring real value back to you. 

Our team is constantly on the hunt for new every-day eco-products that consumers are able to adopt and use it.

Wooden Toothbrushes

You don't need superpowers to be a hero.

Yes, there will be lots of challenges when you commit to a positive lifestyle change, we promise you that the benefits make it worth it. 


Not just for the planet but for yourself and human beings all around the world.


Every change is the first step to start, pledge your #zeroyero Journey today by swapping your plastic toothbrush with us at our physical events!

Our philosophy is simple, eco-living should be sustainable and affordable for all. 

Empower consumers in making comfortable and measurable eco-goals.

Inspire a change in your everyday life, spread the word. Follow us on social media for latest updates and sustainability tips! 

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